Maureen Marie Damery

Follow the song of your heart-embrace it's gentle whispers
for they are composed in the Source Code of Your Soul


Everything is a matter of perspective, from which perception emerges.  Neale Donald Walsch elaborates by saying that when you change your perspective, you change your perception.   When you change your perception, you change your beliefs.  When you change your beliefs, you change your behavior; and by changing your behavior, you change your experience and alter your reality.  ~ So True.

Recontextualization is the deliberate redrawing of your experience.  When you look at a situation in a new way (recontextualize it), you allow yourself to experience it differently.  In doing so, you also experience yourself in a different way.  By recontextualizing, you can ask what is true from the Soul level and receive clarity from your Soul's perspective of the human experience.  Neale refers to this manner of questioning as Soul Logic in his book, The Only Thing That Matters.  The following is in paraphrase of an excerpt posted on his Facebook page:

Using this remarkable device, you dramatically alter the data that gives rise to a truth that forms the thought which produces the emotion that creates your experience of any present moment.  The process of recontextualization does just what its name suggests.  It creates a new context within which to frame life itself, a swell a any event or circumstance within life, virtually eliminating any reason or justification you might have felt to be angry or resentful with or about anyone.  

This remarkable tool involves a repositioning of your perspective, allowing you to see what is going on at any moment in your life within a new and startlingly different context.  It should be clear at this point in your life that what brings you joy - the highest joy - is self-expression.  It is through the fullest expression of Self that the fullest experience of who you really are is achieved.  A person looking at life a certain way might feel that the fullest expression of self is very wonderful if it can be made to happen, but it doesn't happen very often for many; and life has more to it than this, and we must all go on, whether we feel fully self-expressed or not.

Recontextualization, on the other hand, tells you that full self-expression is the experience you came for.  This creates a not-willing-to-settle-for-anything-less thought in your mind.  It reformulates the days and times of your life within the context of your Soul's agenda, not your mind's concepts.  The Soul's agenda always exceeds the mind's concepts.  This is not true some of the tine; it is true all of the time.

As Neale suggests, you can find the path to your Soul, especially with regard to a particular life issue through Soul Searching.  Through this searching and embracing the logic of the Soul, one can see that there are no victims and no villains - There is only the mutual agenda of the Souls mutually held and mutually experienced.