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EIPPY Award-Winning Author and Co-Creator of the Best Selling 

My Big Idea Book

"The most significant Aha is realizing that life doesn't happen To you, it happens For you. There's wisdom to be mined from every experience, whether windfall or wound. Asking: Truth, If X happened/is happening for my highest and best, what might that be? puts you into a space of gratitude for the wisdom you may not be able to see...yet. Approaching life with this outlook opens you to the infinite possibilities available to you."

Maureen Marie Damery, Self-Empowerment Facilitator, Author of Your Owner's Manual For Life 

~ Source Code of Your Soul and Former Microsoft Software Engineer.         

My Big Idea Book was honored by the eLit Awards as a Gold Medal Winner

for Literary Excellence!

The eLit Awards are designed to honor excellent books on mobile devices, outstanding designs and interesting stories. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are given to a total of 61 categories. These awards are the very best honor for international digitally published books in the English language.

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