Maureen Marie Damery

Follow the song of your heart-embrace it's gentle whispers
for they are composed in the Source Code of Your Soul

"The best teachers are those who show you were to look,

but don't tell you what to see."  ~ Alexandra K. Trenfor


As a Self-Empowerment Facilitator of many years, through my own journey of healing to wholeness, I have developed a unique practice amidst a blend of methodologies I refer to as "Conscious Engineering" through which I assist my clients in embracing their own innate abilities to co-create and flourish within their lives.

I assist my clients in finding their center, reconnecting with their authentic selves and moving beyond the programs, patterning and limitations of external influences which obscure our natural state of autonomy and well-being.  I guide people in expanding their awareness, softening their resistance and embracing their own healing and generative capacities for creating and thriving within fulfilling, joyful lives.

Each session is uniquely customized as I follow the energy of Source and the individual's authentic higher self,

who knows what is for their ultimate benefit, providing tools and techniques which cultivate self-empowerment 

in realizing their highest aspirations under grace with ease.


Usui Reiki Master

Access Consciousness® Practitioner

Theta Healing

Recontextualization Technique

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Meditation and Breathing

Intuitive Guidance

Energetic and Space Clearing (Smudging)

How We Connect: I work via Telephone, Internet and In Person

Location:  Whitman, Massachusetts U.S.A.


30 Minute Discovery Consultation                                  $35.00

Session of discussion to clarify which offering(s) are optimal for you.

Healing Energetically, Emotionally and Physically

30 minutes @ $75.00                   1 Hour @ $150.00

Session of releasing toxic emotions and energetic blockages. Channeled energy healing, guidance and empowerment coaching on letting go of what does not serve your ultimate best.   (Reiki, Access Consciousness® Verbal Processing, Intuitive Guidance)

ACEE:  Attaining Clarity, Enlightenment and Empowerment       1 Hour @ $150.00

Session of releasing the electromagnetic components of thought forms, programs and patterning. Guidance and empowerment coaching to attain clarity and awareness of the possibilities available and making choices based on what brings you joy through the power of your inherent free will. 

(Access Consciousness® Bars®, Reiki, Verbal Processing, Intuitive Guidance)

CFFL:  Creating and Flourishing in a Fulfilling Life        30 Minutes @ $75.00       1 Hour @ $150.00

Your Owner's Manual For Life ~ Source Code of Your Soul
Customized session relative to the subject matter and corresponding exercise(s) of particular chapter topic(s) in the book as they pertain to your personal objectives and aspirations. These sessions bring enlightenment, healing and empowerment through connecting and aligning with your authentic higher self.  (Conscious Engineering blend of methodologies and recommended tools and practices)

YOMFL: Your Owner's Manual For Life ~ Source Code of Your Soul Six-Week Live Workshop:     $444.00

The workshop includes:

- PDF version of the book

- Audio version of the book

- Workbook

- Meditations and Processes composed by Maureen

- One 30-Minute Private 1:1 Session with Maureen

Audio files are available in M4A or MP3 format.

Files are provided via Email and/or Download Link.

YOMFL:  Your Owner's Manual For Life ~ Source Code of Your Soul 

Self-Study Package:                                                                     $222.00

-PDF version of the book

-Audio version of the book read by Maureen


-Meditations and Processes composed by Maureen

-One 30-Minute Private 1:1 Session with Maureen

Audio Files are available in M4A or MP3 Format.

Files are provided via Email and/or Download link.

For detailed information and scheduling of the workshop, please visit the Workshop page.

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I look forward to connecting with you ~ Namaste!

Enquiries are always welcome.
Please visit the Contact page to submit an inquiry, and we will be happy to connect with you ~ Namaste!